"Invent, Invest, Increase"



Help us grow ideas and support young creaters to changing the world we live in.


Since the beginning of civilization there have been ideas, and it was these ideas that changed the way we live in our world today.


Here at Bright Ideas, our mission is to continue that trend of creativity and inspiration for years to come. 


Our goal is to support those creators and inventors, and to invest in inspiration. We believe that what we do here will be recognized in coming years as a world changing foundation.


We exist for one simple reason, to see the world changed by people daring enought to change it. our investments make a change in how the world works and that excites us! 


With your help we can see the world become a better place. If you want to help support this awesome misson, you can donate to the cause!


Solar Panel Farm - Indiana


California solar energy farmers are changing the way we look at energy. They believe within 10 years solar power will be the norm.

Renew the Love of Reading


Check out a young man from New York whose mission is to create libraries for local youth to come and relax.

Podcasting Ideas and Creativity


Podcasting is a great way to inspire and get your ideas out there. Check out a podcast by a local creator.


Charles E. Cheese


Chicago, IL


Working with this foundation has drastically changed my life. If you want to see your ideas be molded and grow to new heights, this is the place for you. 

Susan Pirato


New York City, NY


I've always had ideas that I wanted to share, but I've had a hard time getting them off the ground. I am so grateful to Bright Ideas, they helped my inspiration become reality.